Natural Products

Pure ingredients are the key to my cleaners' versatility!

I was once told that my cleaner was too strange! It was hard for a lady to wrap her mind around cleaning her bathrooms, fruit, and hands with the same cleaner! Well, my answer was why not? Shouldn't that be how it should be? 

Dree's Natural Cleaner is made of purified water, natural soap, a custom blend of pure essential oils and GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract). Pick the blend that suites your nose!

I always get asked why should we use natural cleaners? Well just think about how often you go to grab your cleaner bottle(s). You spray chemicals around yourself and loved ones and you are trusting they are safe, because you have seen commercials and the paid people look so happy cleaning and you liked the catchy music they play! Well take a look at all the carcingens that you are welcoming into your home environment! The carcingens in Pledge are actually neurotoxins! If you have to put the poison control number on your label, you may not want that around your home!

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  • Clean your whole home with ONE bottle!
  • Perfect for children and pets
  • Disinfects any surface
  • Never leaves a residue!

All of my products are made with the cleaning and disinfecting power of pure essential oils.