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Dree's Natural Cleaner Uses

Dree's Natural Cleaner is a true All-in-One cleaner! I have never seen another one on the market like mine! Quite frankly, I think it's because companies can make more money selling you separate bottles for different jobs! I only have one cleaner to offer you. I have different concentrates and sizes but the same cleaner! I hand make each and every bottle, and I will keep it that way! It is very important to me to make each and every order personally. I look forward to making yours!

In the car-

The travel bottle is perfect for the car and purse! Clean sticky hands, cd's, windows, sunglasses, seats, consoles, carpet, whatever! You can even spot treat that food you spilled on your favorite shirt!

It's great for the diaper bag as well! request a lavender orange blend, gentle for your babys' bottom and hands!


Just spray the dog and brush! Clean them without giving them a bath!


if you have cats do not purchase any cinnamon blend as it's poisonous for felines.

In the kitchen- 

Counters, floors (even wood floors!), windows, blinds, appliances, clean your fruits and veggies, clean your hands! Any surface!

In the bathroom-

Counters, mirrors, sinks, floors, tubs, toilet, doors, hands, even your face! Just spray a cotton ball and clean. Watch out for the cinnamon blends, they are hot!

I also leave a travel bottle in each bathroom and it is great to use to freshen up! Just spray toilet paper and wipe! No cinnamon blend for this use;)

The rest of the house-

clean leather furniture, spot treat carpets and clothes, wood furniture, stainless steel, etc!

Dree's Natural Cleaner Uses