Natural Products

I will add more questions and answers as they come up! Thank you 

Q- I would like to change up the oil blend, because I have an allergy to an oil listed, could I do that?

A- Yes!! If you have an allergy or you just don't care for the smell of a certain oil, I will customize a blend just for you!

Q- I would like to place an order to be delivered, how do I do that?

A- Submit your order via the contact page. I will contact you personally and set up a delivery. You will pay me personally at that time. There is a $5.00 delivery fee.

Q- What is the shelf-life of Dree's Natural Cleaner?

A- Unfortunately my cleaner does have a shelf-life. When you add water to anything it makes the shelf-life shorter. The cleaner will last around 6-7 months if kept tightly sealed in a cool dry place. 

Q- My cleaner from my concentrate doesn't smell as strong as it first did, what happened?

A- The concentrate is a great way to make several bottles and save money! But there are a few rules to remember. Always shake very well before each use, which will evenly disperse the oils throughout the concentrate. When you are done, close the lid, TIGHT! If your lid is loose air will get in the bottle. Lastly, store in dry cool place.

Q- I love the cleaner on my floors, could I use it on my furniture??

A- Ok, this is an important question! I get combinations of this question all the time! This cleaner can be used on almost any and every surface! Don't just use it on ONE! You should go through a bottle every week to two weeks! Well, I do because I clean all the time!lol The point of this cleaner is for you to walk around with ONE bottle and clean your entire home, naturally! So spray away!

And yes, you can use it on your furniture:)