Natural Products

I LOVE this product! I own a cleaning company & use this all over! Not only does it do an amazing job, but it minimizes the number of products we carry around which is always a good thing! My clients that request "no chemical" cleans are always pleased! Thank you for making such an amazing product & sharing it with all of us! 

Carie, TX

I like this product a lot! I use it to clean my glasses and rinse my hands off when I'm out someplace. If  I can't get to the bathroom, it does a great job cleaning sticky hands without leaving an oily residue. I use this product in the lot of different situations and it always does a great job! I would recommend this product to anyone and it smells great! I also enjoy being able to customize a smell that works for me. Great product! Thank you, Dree!

Gregg A., TX

I have used many cleaners throughout the years and I must say Dree's cleaner that she made for me has won the whole family! My husband and kids now come in and say "WOW Mom the kitchen smells great!" Before they would complain about the smells of my other cleaners being to strong and giving them a headache! Thank you Dree! 

Christina B., OK

 I love Dree's natural cleaners. The essential oils are natural antivirals and are not toxic for pets nor children. My Daughter has severe asthma and allergies and three Rosemary Cleaner is what we live by for all. Use distilled water to have no streaks on you windows or mirrors. Use this product everywhere. Recommended highly!!! 

Janet G., TX

I love my cleaners. I have been using them for my home and car for at least 5 years. Gentle, safe and yummy smell. I know I am killing germs and bacteria in a non toxic way. I even wash my produce with Drees. I won't use anything else. 

Leanne H., TX

I have used Dree's Natural cleaners for about 3 years. She uses essential oils and chooses the blends depending on the use and your preferences. I absolutely LOVE that I can use these for everything! It's safe around your family,cleans and disinfects and I can even use it on my hands! I saved money because this cleaner replaced many of my other household cleaners. Buy more than one! They make great gifts! 

Treverlyn T., OK

I look forward to hearing your feedback on your cleaning experience! I will post reviews I receive here! Thank you!!

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